My name is Dave Woolliscroft. I’m an author of Epic Fantasy stories set in the worlds that spill uncontrollably out of my brain. My debut book, Kingshold, will be published in early 2018 and there will be a series of short stories or novelettes released around the same time. These stories combine the things I love about Fantasy; complex characters, action and adventure, political intrigue and parallels to our world through the exploration of challenges that our society faces today or has done in the past.

I love reading and have spent many years (more than thirty!) reading fantasy and literature broadly. I’ve had false starts in trying to write something myself in the past but now I’ve committed to this and I am enjoying the ride. Building the world, holding conversations with the characters and exploring what motivates them, designing maps and developing artwork are so much fun and could easily take up every moment of every day. The other side to this game is getting readers to have an interest in what I do, which is by far the hardest. I’ll be posting regularly here on my blog, and you’ll find me on goodreads and the usual social media gubbins. So if anyone likes what I am crafting then please drop me a line (at dpwoolliscroft@outlook.com)and let me know, or sign up for the newsletter; and let your friends know too!

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